Kiosk Developer and Manufacturer in Malaysia

We provide high quality kiosk solution with customized design

Custom Kiosks

Our expertise in custom kiosks is unrivaled in the Malaysia. With almost a decades of experience designing thousands of custom kiosks.

HR Kiosks

Human Resource departments require precise processes and systems to ensure effective management of employees and their data.

Maintenance Kiosk Service

We provide technical resources to perform kiosk installation, support, maintenance and repair services for all types of kiosks including replacing devices.

About us


Neteon Touch Solutions is one of touch screen solution provider in Malaysia that give you the best services. We are a premiere interactive touch solution specialist dedicated to excellence in the field of touchscreen products and kiosk manufacturing. Despite being a relatively young company, we have already secured a place in the F & B, industrial, financial, government and multi-media fields. Our current products are built to meet the increasing needs of industry and whatever your company’s needs, we can build to suit them as well.